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RuneScape made easy

how to make money(gold peices)
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i will teach you some good many making basics

ok so you wanted to make cash, but you don't know how. right? well anyway here we go.
ok here is some ways to make money and get exp on skills.
you can get your fishhing and cooking up to 40 then fish lobbies on karamja (non-members) or catherby fishing spots (members) then cook them and sell them for 250 gp each. this is an ok way to make some change and get exp in 2 different skills.
another good way of making money is getting your wood cutting to 60 then choping yew trees. this is a great way but it may be a little more boring then fishing. they sell for 240-300 each.the more you chop and bank the more people will pay for them [bulk=more]. fletching also goes good with this way to make money becuase you can fletch them into longbows and sell them for 550 each. but by doing this you will need bowstrings inorder to get the maximum amount of pay.
mining and smithing is a good way to make about 1.5k-3k(1,500-3,000) gp per run for lower level smiths but for higher level ones you can make 10k-25k (10,000-25,000) per run. this is a slower way to make money but you get to raise your smithing levels pretty fast.
money formula 1k=1,000 gp

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