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members servers

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here you will learn some of the differences from a F.2.P server and a members server

well if your a member i assume you have played on a F.2.P server before right? well i hope so becuase here is the basics of a members server without the added F.2.P weapons or armour. to veiw these go to my F.2.P basics section.
new types of weapons
halberd-allows you to attack a monster over a broken wall or thru a fence.
claws- basicly claws but the rune version has a special attack.
new weapon types
granite 50 attack 50 str
dragon  60 attack and qeusts
barrows 70 attack 70 str

there arent to many new peices of armour but there are many different types
different member types of armour:
guilded rune trimed armour 40 def
granite 50 str 50 def
dragon 60 def
barrows 70 def

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