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RuneScape made easy

skills guide
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learn about the skills and what ones can make you money

attack-train this to weild different weapons and hit mor acurrently.
strength-train this to use sertain weapons and hit higher.
defence-train this to use different armour and block hits much better.
range-train this to use different bows/arrows and hit higher with range.
magic-train this to wear magic armours and use different staffs, also train it to hit higher with magic.
prayer-train this to gain prayer spells.
runecrafting-train this to be able to make runes.*
construction-train this to make your home better.**
hitpoints-train this to sustain more hits.
agility-run faster and longer by training this.**
herbalore-train this to identefy herbs and make poitions.***
theft-train this to steal from better things.**
crafting-train this to make things and cut gems.*
fleching-train this to make better bows/arrows.***
slayer-train this to kill different monsters.**
mining-train this to mine different rocks.*
smithing-train this to make better armour and weapons.*
fishing-train this to catch better fish faster.*
cooking-train this to cook better meats and not burn them as much.*
fire making-train this to make higher level fires.
woodcuting-train this to cut better trees.*
farming-train this to grow different plants.***
key: *:money making **:members only ***:members and money making 

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